Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Key Change

Well, then.

I know. It's dark around these parts. Hard to read, huh? It was hard to live, too.

Of course writing it all out like that is cathartic for me. I can't say what it's like for you to read some of my sadder tales. I'd like to believe that those stories are important or useful to people other than my relatives, but even if they're not, I'll keep on telling them, if only because they insist on spilling out and over. I can't seem to deny them.

But look! Here! Pretty pictures of the snow we just had! There are many kinds of snow, as the Eskimos know. The snow that came through last Wednesday left our town a winter wonderland. It was spectacular. Wish you'd been here to see it.


alejna said...

Gorgeous photos!

As for the darkness, I am glad that you are writing it out. I always love to read your words, but then I often struggle to find words to say in response when the subject matter is so tough. (It's much easier to say "gorgeous photos.") Sometimes the words come for me, sometimes not.

sullimaybe said...

Keep writing.

Beautiful winter scenes!

Elizabeth Dahl said...

Beautiful pictures that speak volumes, like your thought provoking reflections. There is something powerful is exposing the unmet expectation and allowing what is to be. Inherent contrasts; beauty from ashes, truth that wounds and heals.

Mary Gilmour said...

Winter glory - and you caught it. As for the dark stories, I think I need to read them. Each one finds a place in my heart.

Christine said...

There is a place for both the light and dark. As a reader I do not want to miss either. Lovely photos.

Magpie said...

I think we had that same perfect snow.