Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Truth About Memoir (A One-Act Play)

Phone conversation with my brother on the day after I published my most recent post, one about my dad:

Sarah: Y'know, so-and-so is on Facebook and knew both of our parents -- in certain ways probably better than we do, because he (or she) knew them as contemporaries, not as parent figures. Do you think he (or she) reads my blog? I wonder whether he (or she) would ever comment on a post about either one of them?

Sarah's Brother: Nope.

Sarah: Why not?

Sarah's Brother: Because he (or she) is too classy.

Sarah: (Blink.) (Blink.) Uhh, so by extension I'm not so classy, huh? Because I'm telling all? Airing our dirty laundry, as it were?

Sarah's Brother: Oh, that's different. Because, well, you're a writer. An artist.

Sarah (laughing): So if you take crap and wrap it in pretty paper and some nice ribbon, it's OK then? In the name of art?

Sarah's Brother: Pretty much. Did you go in our Words With Friends game?*

*OK, so I'm conflating two conversations here, dear brother. But I'm allowed to do that, right? In the name of art?


Kathryn said...

Gotta love brothers. :)

V-Grrrl @ Compost Studios said...

We have a right to tell our stories. Anyone who knew your parents has the right to tell their story too. I am mindful of what I share and recognize my perspective isn't The Truth, it's just my experience. That's the spirit in which I share things--the good and the not-so-good.

Anon said...

Oh, brother!


Elizabeth Dahl said...

I thought the addition of Pamela's comments rounded out the family portrait nicely. It reminds me that even when we are telling our own story our perspective is limited by emotion and history and expectation. Its your transparency that punctuates your message.

Christine said...

You have a good brother here, Sarah. I have no real idea about what is going on with Anon. there. But know this: You are loved here. Don't forgot that you ahve LOTS of people near and far that ahve your back and support you and your writing fully. xo

Nicole said...

I have a strict "never read the comments" policy that I just violated. GOD, NICOLE, THAT POLICY IS THERE FOR A REASON!

I just thought this was a cute post, I don't get the thinly veiled put down thing.