Friday, August 2, 2013

August Afternoon

Sun showers jewel spider webs.
Petunias, petulant, close up shop.
Birds squawk and wheel, restless,
Sensing the end of something,
And the beginning of another.
A child sits listless in a baby pool,
While the cicadas thrum and strum
Their mating melodies. Neighbors
Generous in June are not so now.
The mail carrier wears shorts with
Knee-high socks, ridiculous, but not,
Because who is there to see him?
Only the toddler, blind to fashion
Or its lack, as indifferent in her way
As the sun that bakes the sidewalks,
Burning the soles of nobody's feet.


V-Grrrl said...

August is summer's wasteland.

De said...

You've captured a certain August afternoon with eloquence.

I have always rather liked August. I like the winding down and the ending of things.

This summer hasn't been very satisfactory on a number of counts, so don't mind if I smash this image like I would a wasp with my swatter and proceed with a do-over until Labor Day.

alejna said...

I loved this.

Christine said...

wonderful ode to the last summer month.