Saturday, December 28, 2013

Excuse Me While I Have An Alice-in-Wonderland Moment

A year's worth of blog posts. Eighty posts. A respectable number, but nowhere near the number I published in my first years of blogging. 

Splitting Infinitives was a bit of a lark. I wanted to see whether I still had it in me to write online. Tonight I read through this collection of posts and was strangely unmoved. I know that I wrote them, but at the same time I don't know the 'I' who wrote them.

I can't tell you what that means. If this is an end, it's a petering out. It's the water that refuses to be dislodged from the watering can, that last stubborn teaspoon's worth.

I guess that I don't much feel like naming whatever this is, or defining whether it's an end or not. I imagine that you'll figure it out before I do. You're smart that way.

Even if this is an end, it is not The End. Because every end requires a beginning, but most ends front onto one beginning and back onto another.

So this end, the one I have in mind, has another beginning yet to be written, yet to be lived.

Hope is the thing with feathers. Emily said so. I concur.

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Emily said...

Doesn't need to be defined. As writers we weave into and out of our projects. Didn't David Bowie wait 10 years before releasing just one single?