Thursday, April 17, 2014

These Things May or May Not Be Related. But They Are Still Things.

The presumption in my last post has bothered me ever since I published it. I am a writer only in the sense that I write. I am not a professional writer. There. I feel better now.

Every day my children are finding better and more ways to activate my pride in them. We all believe our own children to be special snowflakes, but mine really are. Cough.

The first set of students I helped teach is due to graduate from elementary school in June. I feel as weepy and nostalgic as if they were my own children. Well, in a way they are. I hope they fly.

My brother is visiting us over Easter weekend. My children are thrilled. Relatives who are living, able, and willing to visit us are in short supply. I lament my inability to grant my boys the gift of piles of relatives to dote on them.

I have been ill. I am reminded to celebrate good health rather than take it for granted.

One of our neighbors is currently standing atop a 20-foot ladder to trim branches off of a border tree shared between us. He has placed the ladder on our lawn. If he falls, my husband and I will be liable for whatever injuries he suffers. Also, the neighbor has not asked our permission to work on the tree. This irritates me more than it should.

A colleague's husband has just been diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. He was showing no symptomatology. I am heartbroken for her and her family. One life. Make it count.

The smell of spring makes me smile and wish to hug strangers. May it do the same for you. So many people are in need of a hug. Even a virtual hug will make a difference. Now and then it will make all the difference. I promise.


Patois42 said...

I hope I make my one life count. Beauty, Sarah. You write beauty.

Christine said...


and being a professional writer sort of blows. writing grants sucks the life out of my soul. (don't tell my boss). I actually prefer my house cleaning job. Now to be paid for creative writing...THAT would actually feed my soul.

feel better soon.