Thursday, November 6, 2014

Spelling Tests Gone Wild

When I administer spelling tests to first and second graders, I like to offer up sentences so that the words are placed in context. This is essential if the word in question is a homophone, but otherwise not. Still, I don't like teaching spelling in isolation but rather as a tool for more effective writing, so I make up a sentence for every spelling word. The children seem to appreciate these sentences, which effectively keep them from asking questions like, "Wait - which which?" Or, equally, "Wait - which witch?"

But when I have an especially chatty group of children, my preference for providing context means the spelling test can go off the rails pretty quickly.

Mrs. P.: The next word is 'toast.' "I ate toast with butter for breakfast." 'Toast.'

Boy: Did you really, Mrs. P., or are you just making that up?

Girl: I had toast, too!

Second Girl: Eww. I hate toast. It's crumby.

Second Boy: I had pancakes.

Boy: Wait, Mrs. P. - what was the word again?


Mrs. P.: The next word is 'each.' "Each one of you has a special talent." 'Each.'

Girl: My special talent is drawing.

Boy: Mine is soccer.

Second Boy: Mine is talking!

Second Girl (mournfully): I don't think I have a special talent.


Mrs. P.: The next word is 'next.' "Next we will have recess, and then lunch." 'Next.'

Boy: Did you notice that you said 'next' twice, Mrs. P.? The next word is next? That's pretty awesome.

Girl: I'm hungry. Can we have lunch before recess today?

Second Boy (pouting): I wish we could have lunch now. You're making me hungry with all these spelling words about food. Like 'toast.'

Never a dull moment in first and second grade classrooms.


alejna said...

This gave me a good chuckle! Thanks for that!

Nicole said...

This is so cute! Love that age group.

Bibliomama said...

I can never hear enough of funny shit kids say. Never gets old. Never.

Mary Gilmour said...

Got to love that! Also love th e way you tell it.

slow panic said...