Saturday, November 23, 2013

Where I Am From

I am from concrete and piss and the smell of the elephant house at the Central Park Zoo.

From pâté and the ballet and the World Trade Center before it was through. 

From museums and paste, mimeographs and waste, and dodgeball, too. 

I am from fire hydrants and roasted chestnuts, the whale room and the reservoir, the best way to make a roux. 

(I am not from cows that moo.) 

I am from the nitty and the gritty and from blinded horses' poo. 

I am from Broadway and Soho, the East Side, the West, the Great Lawn, true --

But more than all of these,

I am from the legions of pigeons that bustle, hustle, and coo, though never at you.

Thanks to Elan and Alexandra for the inspiration, although I have not followed the prescribed template.


Schmutzie said...

Rhyming! You have more patience than I.

Magpie said...

You rhyme!! Awesome.

slow panic said...

Love it!! And a subject much on my mind.